Removing graffiti

Graffiti piracy is an illegal activity all over the world and therefore a responsible person for doing it can be reported to the police. In case graffiti has been done on the surface this, in turn, will leave you without any other choice but to fix the damage.   Below are of the methods are used […]

Paint stripping methods

Old color may no longer please your eyes due to peeling off or cracking and you may decide to repaint printing with a new color of your choice. Note before using a fresh color coating, the surface must first be prepared by paint stripping.   This is the process of removing completely the old faded color […]

Industrial sandblasting

Is the production level in your factory slowing down due to the failure of machines? This could probably be due to too much-accumulated dust or rust on their surface. To resolve this problem, you should hire sandblasting services from a well-recognized company, such as sandblasting louisville ky. Asking what’s a sandblasting? This is an advanced […]