Removing graffiti

Graffiti piracy is an illegal activity all over the world and therefore a responsible person for doing it can be reported to the police. In case graffiti has been done on the surface this, in turn, will leave you without any other choice but to fix the damage.   Below are of the methods are used in removing graffiti.  Paint Over is the most common way to remove graffiti. The surface to be painted with the graphite is first painted over. Remove the graphite with graffiti solvent before painting. The amount of substance to be removed depends on what the graffiti is made of, and the type of surface on which it is made. When painting surfaces, two main tips must be followed. Above all, you should paint a whole area that has been painted with graffiti, such as color and texture. Second, avoid spilling or falling into neighboring areas.  Chemical Remover -In some case resulting in the nature of graffiti and the surface of the walls, chemical solutions can be used in removing graffiti before painting can be used separately without paint. There are many chemicals available in various forms, such as aerosols, and liquids. However, these are chemicals that should be applied when a person using them have protective clothing since they are very poisonous when inhaled. Note that the should be used according to the producer guidance.  Water-blasting.This method is best suited for surfaces such as brick and plaster walls which graffiti cannot be removed with paint or chemicals. In this method, high-pressure water jets are used. Water purification is a fast and efficient method that helps to instantly clean large areas.   Sandblasting – This method is usually done in removing graffiti on huge surface coverage. Sandblasting in a limited space will definitely leave a graphite contour, so the entire surface is recommended to be sandblasted. Its main limitation is that it is is a very laborious method but very effective. This is a service you should leave to the professionals in your respective city such as Chicago Sandblasting.